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La Pompe Manouche

Upcoming Shows

16/07/2022 Private Event, Frankfurt [GER]

11/06/2022 Private Event, Mittelfischbach [GER]

06/06/2022 Private Event, Frankfurt [GER]

02/06/2022 Handwerkskammer Wiesbaden [GER]

Previous Shows

01/10/2016 Private Event

06/10/2013 The Prince of Whales, London, UK

21/06/2013 The Bohemia, London, UK

10/03/2013 Globe Shakespear Theatre, London, UK

11/08/2012 Private Event, Offenbach, GER

10/08/2012 Summa Summarum, Frankfurt, GER

11/09/2010 Cafe Cielo, New York, USA

10/09/2010 Cafe Ciello, New York, USA

05/09/2010 Cafe Zebulon, New York, USA

03/09/2010 5C Cultural Center, New York, USA

01/09/2010 Cafe Steinhof, New York, USA

31/08/2010 Cafe Vivaldi, New York, USA

30/08/2010 Spike Hill, New York, USA

29/08/2010 Tagine Dinner, New York, USA

28/08/2010 East Bar, New York, USA

03/04/2009 Vodka Gallery, New York, USA

20/03/2009 Vodka Gallery, New York, USA

25/02/2009 Cafe Steinhof, New York, USA